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ADVERTISING 12 2(5) 5(1-2,4) 6(6)
Welcome to Advertising & Marketing
Feel free to review the syllabus at your leisure.  
All coursework, assignment directions and resources will be posted in this space.  

Welcome to class
Review syllabus

Week 1 Jan 26-30
Assignment #1
Quest #1 "The brand that I am..."

As noted in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Morgan Spurlock is asked to acknowledge and consider the fact that individuals are to a certain extent "brands"....
Using a T-P-S model (Think Pair Share) define your "brand", then type up a description and share with a peer.

Take the list of words that you generated when considering "the brand I am".  Use these words to create a board on Pinterest.  (If you don't have a Pinterest account, sign up for one now.  Your board should also include images of products that you like/enjoy/"must have".

What is Pinterest?

Quest #2
"Pinterest Image Data Proves Valuable to Brands"...do you think this is true?  Why/Why not?

REMEMBER your collage MUST include specific connections to the descriptive list defining your "brand" (your identity) as well as a number of images, products or corporate logos representing products/services that you use.  Screen shot and print out a copy of your Pinterest board when complete.

Work in the TPS (Think Pair Share) groups that were formed yesterday to answer the following questions (see Greatest Movie .doc).  Pass in your work before you leave class today.  If you need to sign out the movie for any reason...see me ASAP.
Reflection questions:
Greatest Movie.doc


There is an observable recent trend of people creating artistic homages to Instagram/its logo.  Hundreds of people having been posting their interpretations to the photo network, using objects that range from rocks, seashells, and candy—to the unusual, like axes and dog treats.  What's your interpretation?  Post yours #myinstagramlogo and send me evidence of your creation at: vinae@wellesleyps.org

**DUE BY Friday Sept 5th.

HOMEWORK due on 2/6/15

Swap Pinterest boards with another class member.  Review the items on their board.  Then, google some of the products, brands or items representated.

For example, if I have a pair of Nike shoes on my board, I would google "Nike"...when I get to the home page of Nike it reads, "CHALLENGE YOURSELF. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS. JUST DO IT."  I would select the word 'Challenge' as a key term to include on my Pinterest word list.

Go through this process repeatedly to select singular key terms associated with products of items on the back of your peer's Pinterest board.  Bring the board and the list to class with you on 9/4/14

Week of 2/9/15
There are generally two ways to segment your market: looking at demographics and looking at psychographics.
Demographics – These are the basic facts about your consumer such as their age, gender, education, income, job type, and marital status. In other words, how/does a 22-year-old college just out of college look at the world differently than a newly retired 65-year-old business executive?
Psychographics – Psychographics are more about the character, personality or worldview of the individual. For instance, are they optimistic or pessimistic? Do they take control over their life or are they more passive? Are they open or closed-minded? Where does their sense of self-esteem come from?

Demographics (Who are you?)

Distinct Psychographics

Targeted Commercials
Targeted Commercials-1.doc
Identifying Psychographic Targets for Brands

1. Take six of the commercials from the superbowl...then determine if Pathos, Ethos or Logos were behind the persuasive strategy.  Then, use the persuasive techniques handout to see if you can identify the persuasive technique used in the commercial.

Persuasive Techniques


Students will:
1.) demonstrate an understanding of three persuasive techniques (pathos, logos, and ethos) and other advertising strategies.
2.) analyze advertisements according to their employment of these techniques.
3.) demonstrate an understanding of the concept of demographics and specific audience.

Part 1
Developing Consumer Profiles (Use Vineyard Vines)

Once complete email/share to advertisingwhs@gmail.com

Part 2
Use this consumer profile for Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish
(You probably want to do a little research about the company and product first http://www.revlon.com/.  
Compose a script for a commercial for Revlon nailpolish and identify what persuasive techniques were used.  Think about the language you select and why you are selecting it...how will it engage your target group?
See example:
example Revlon nail polish.doc


Extra Quick View: The Looking Glass (The Art of Persuasion: Pakistan)

In Class

Part 1
What is branding?
A disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty that includes:

When to brand/re-brand?
1.) New company, New product
2.) Name Change
3.) Revitalize a brand
4.) Revitalize a brand identity
5.) Create an integrated system
6.) Merger


Be sure that you can:
Define the difference between demographic & psychographic
Create a consumer profile
Describe (in your own words) how analytics work...in what ways can they inform you about consumer tastes and preferences
Identify some basic, intermediate & advanced persuasive techniques
State some reasons why re-branding might be necessary

**Here's an image to consider when you reflect upon the ways analytics inform
users about behaviors, preferences, associations, and trends...

2/27/15 TEST #1
ADV quiz #1.pdf

Part 1
Advertisers very carefully construct their ads to make them memorable and appealing to consumers, and that the ways in which they try to convince them to buy products are similar to the ways they have been taught to write persuasively, using certain techniques and aiming toward a particular audience.  
ICONS help communicate comples stories in simple ways that everyone can understand.

Part 2
Unit 1 the important of context and connections

Article 1
Gap scraps new logo | News | Marketing Week.pdf
Article 2
BBC News - Lessons to be learnt from the Gap logo debacle.pdf
Case # 2
New Starbucks Logo


The unveiling video

Answer the following:
1.) What are some things GAP COULD have done prior to rebranding to ensure it was successful?

2.) Why is differentiating your brand so important?

3.) What are the risks associated with failing to engage your consumer in the rebrand process?

Challenge of the Day:  
See how many logos you can name correctly...

10 Massive Advertising Campaign Failures

UNIT 2 Brand Essence
Brand Architecture
1.) Monolithic (Google + Google Maps; FedEx + FedEx Express)
2.) Endorsed (iPod + Apple; Polo + Ralph Lauren)
3.) Pluralistic (See Below)

**Review ad week's current weekly news and select 1 hot topic to share with the class on Friday 9/19/14


Tagline basics

Think different.
Apple Computer
The ultimate driving machine.
Don’t dream it. Drive it.

LECTURE: 10 tagline basics & types of taglines
Tagline Basics.pdf

“One ride. Six words. What’s yours?”
A Six-Word Test Drive Contest With MINI Cooper

You have 10 min to submit an idea in teams of 3-4 people

Use sloganizer to create 5 tags for flowers, chocolate, and Porche.


What's in a name?
Use these notes to establish the logic behind your company name


In class, please submit 5 potential names for a chocolate boutique.  

You must include 5:
Founder Name
Descriptive Name
Fabricated Name
Metaphorical Name
**Then tell me why each name is meaningful, memorable, future oriented, protectable, positive and visual
Part 2
Select one of the following 2 articles to review
As a team (of 2-3 people) complete the GO reviewing these articles

Week of 3/9/15

UNIT 3Why simple shapes???
Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, star….It’s easy for a viewer’s mind to interpret and connect with a basic shape: designs built from these easy-to-grasp forms contain the essence of their simplistic root components which the human brain appreciates and finds aesthetically pleasing. (*Hint S-C-C we reviewed in class)

Shapes can convey universal meanings, organize information and guide the eye. We have a spontaneous perception of shape that is probably connected with the deepest levels of our perception of the world. Shape is universal and can be understood beyond the limits of cultural identity. The endless interplays and variations of shape stimulate our curiosity constantly, with each shape holding for us it's own expressive meaning and character telling us completely different stories from one shape to the next.

We also respond to shapes emotionally. Clever designers use this connection between our emotions and shapes to their advantage. It is important to understand the influence of shapes on the perception of a design. Shape can add it's own meaning to a design, or simply reinforce the perception created by other design elements such as line and color. For this reason, it is important to understand the impact of shapes as they can mean the difference between the success or failure of your logo design.

Frequently used symbols in designing logos:
1. Mobius:
Many logos are focusing more on environment-friendly measures. But in doing so, they use common logo concepts. The widely used of the eco symbols is the Recycle sign, three trailing arrows that create a Möbius strip.

2. Circular Rings:
One of the most widely seen symbols is the ring symbol. Most popularly seen in famous logos like Olympics or Audi this symbol is excessively used.

3. Swishes and Swooshes:
Swoosh sign is most popular in the Nike logo. But, over the recent years, it has been overly been employed by logo designers. They are used either in the form of singular or multiple swooshes. You can also witness this symbol in the likes of swooshy people, which are pointed three-pronged human shapes and a circular head.

4. Geometric Shapes:
Geometric shapes are also regularly used in logos. Some of them include like triangle, square and circle shapes. The MS office logo will remind of this type of symbolism.

5. Spherical Globe:
Yet another excessively applied symbol in logo designing is the sphere-shaped globe. You can see this symbol in a variety of famous brands like AT&T or Sony.  Spherical shapes, placed either in a row or the unending loop, are very common today.

6.) Watch 6 min clip
The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Types of Brandmarks
Wordmark, Letterform, Pictorial, Abstract
(*We reviewed this in class already)
Also associated: Emblems & Characters

Types of App icons
Abstract, Letterform, Wordmark, Photographic, Illustrative, Iconic
Part II
Intro to Typography, Contrast & Color

In class assignment:
Type Connection is a game that helps you learn how to pair typefaces.
Start by choosing a typeface to pair.  

Type Connection presents you with potential pairs for each font. The game features well-known, design typefaces...and you are the matchmaker. You decide what kind of match to look for by choosing among several strategies for combining typefaces. Along the way, you explore typographic terminology, type history, and more. By playing Type Connection, you deepen your own connection with type.

**Try to achieve at least 10 complimentary pairings and screen shot your successful pairs!!!
Typography TRENDS for 2014

Typography (Personality & Functionality).pdf
Part 1 WATCH PS6 Tutorial

Submit answers to advertisingwhs@gmail.com

Class work Part 1: Intro to Kerning

Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this kerning.
Use this game to generate a solution that will be compared to a typographer's solution. Your performance will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it. Good luck!

Class work Part 2:
Look at shape sample types shown. in class  Consider the different ways in which theme and presentation are connected through various design "components" (image, icons, typography, linework, borders, backgrounds, colors).  

1.) Take a photo image and change it into a form using the stamp filter in PS6

2.) Use dafont to search for and download potential typefaces that might connect to or enhance the visual message of your form

3.) Submit 3 practice samples to advertisingwhs@gmail.com


Now, can you use the same shape for an app icon?  What elements would you keep?  What would you change?  How would you maintain brand integrity and still simplify the brandmark?

3/12/15 Unit 7
Color Fundamentals

Warm up: Hot topics IKEA
Watch this clip

Why do you think this approach can be efficient (from a cost perpsective?)
Agency: thjnk hamburg (‪[ http://www.thjnk.de ]http://www.thjnk.de)

Watch this clip to gain a better understanding about what to consider when designing intentionally with color.
Color Video

The Effect of Color

Know these Key Terms

APP Practice

Cool extra

The Sequence of Cognition:
What is it? Why is this important to know?

Heirarchy of Effects
A major function of people’s cognitive systems is to interpret, make sense of, and understand significant aspects of their personal experiences.


UNIT 4 The Power of the VISUAL ECHO

The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

Visual Echo.doc
1.) Echo through Color
2.) Echo through Typography
3.) Echo through Content
4.) Echo through Style
5.) Echo through Theme (Can you guess the theme?)


Your task: To design (3) different t shirt designs using any of the following:
Visual Echo by COLOR
Visual Echo by STYLE
Visual Echo by CONTENT
Visual Echo by TYPOGRAPHY
Visual Echo by THEME

In Class Assignment:
October Promotion

Halloween t-shirt designs
Create a novel design available for a limited time (only in the month of March). It should convey a creative twist on St. Patrick's Day fun that can be connected to a larger season marketing plan.


Side read (interesting project)...http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2425089,00.asp


What are brand standards?  WHy do they matter?

Submit work
Your submission MUST include:
1.) Your logotype, your iconic depictions (shape and form for your logo), typeface, and App badge

Your submission will look something like this:
fanta quick guides v1.0 2.14-01.jpg
app assignment.pngHOMEWORK

Brand Essence
The core characteristic that defines a brand
Use your exchanges with a brand ambassador to determine how well they reinforce the core of your brand in their communications with you....

Part 3
Brand Ambassador Chats
1.) What is a Brand Ambassador?
2.) What characteristics should a Brand Ambassador have?
3.) How can a brand ambassador help or hinder a company?
Brand Am.png

TEST ON 3/23/15

Take practice test
You can find all of the answers in the unit notes 1-7.
[Image:Assessment ADV(3).pdf]
[Image:Assessment ADV(3).doc]

Work Assignment:  Finish Designing Chocolate Assignment on wrapper.  Remember to load a palette and font set to work with.
Review Persuasive Techniques in Advertising
Pathos: an appeal to emotion
Logos: An appeal to logic or reason
Ethos: An appeal to credibility or character

1.) Work in Photoshop with a partner to create 3 print advertisements for the chocolate shop/boutique you pitched a name for during class last week.  Explain how each uses pathos, logos and ethos.  Be sure to identify how you are using shape, color, image and text to engage a particular response from the viewer.  Include why each ad is meaningful, memorable, positive and visually appealing to the viewer.  Your logo for your company must be represented somewhere on the ad.

Week of 3/24-3/27

Unit 9
Ad of the Day
Part 1

1.) Consider the message and the audience.
The obvious goal of most ads is to get you to buy a product or “buy into” an idea. When you understand the message and audience, you can determine which techniques are being used and why.

Ask yourself:
What is the message?
What does the ad want the consumer to buy?
Who is the audience?
Does the ad appeal to certain emotions or beliefs?
What do those emotions or beliefs tell you about the audience?

2.) Spot the persuasive techniques.
Advertisers strive to make each ad memorable, convincing, and exciting. Characters, slogans, text, and sounds are all part of the persuasive technique.

Ask yourself:
Who appears in the ad?
The people who appear in the ad often reflect the target audience or whom members of that audience are likely to admire. Advertisers might choose specific celebrities to endorse products because they want the audience to associate the celebrity with the product. Actors or models might be chosen for many
reasons. For example, they might be people just like the audience (plain folk), rebellious or unique (individuality), or “one of the crowd” (bandwagon).
Does the ad appeal to emotion or to logic?

Many ads today don’t provide information about the product, and some ads don’t even show the product. Instead, the ads appeal to the audience’s emotions, such as pity, fear, or vanity.  For example, commercials for telephone companies often appeal to viewers’ emotions of happiness or nostalgia to leave them with a positive feeling about their product and company. Some ads use humor to persuade an audience.

What language is used?
Every word in an ad counts, but not all the words actually inform the audience. Loaded language, including purr, snarl, and weasel words, appeal to the audience’s emotions rather than their reason. Purr words—such as “tasty” and “sensational”—can make a product seem more desirable.

Does the slogan stick?
The best slogans are memorable and create an “image” of the product. Slogans are less about the actual product and more about the audience recalling
a catchy phrase and associating it with the product.

3.) Understand the intended effects on the target audience.
Most ads don’t employ just one persuasive technique. They often use several. Each technique is chosen to appeal specifically to the product’s target audience. Ask yourself: Why do I think these techniques were chosen?

Consider the above questions and organize your responses into a PREZI (Use the clarifying brand strategy outline to guide your answers).  Use Southwest as your case.  Think about the 'ideals' of their brand identity and how this informs their brand strategy.


Part 2
USING RADIO in advertising

Radio has a distinctive advantage over print in that the audience is more focused on the message especially through repetition...read more about radio in the links below:


Engaging Emotions Through Effective Radio Ads

There's a Format for Everyone …

Radio Reaches TV Viewers and Light TV Viewers

There is a ton to research produced by RAB Radio Advertising Bureau.  They provide organizational, educational, research and advocacy programs and services that benefit the Radio industry as a whole.

Radio Adv Facts-1.doc

Using the sample provided, follow the guidlines on the ad deconstruction sheet to pull apart the various components of a radio ad.
Assignment Ad Deconstruction

Part 3:
Use Garage band to create a mashup.

TUTORIALS (Browse and select)


Create a Music Mash-up Assignment (targeting a particular emotional response)

Web page with instructions

Assignment: Students will create a Mash-Up featuring emotionally evokative songs. This composition will be :30-1:00 minutes long and demonstrate  ability to cut, copy and paste into a smooth, cohesive mix.

1. Open GarageBand and create a New Project. Name this project as MashupAdv.

2. Click on the Media Browser and choose 5-7 songs to include in your Mash-Up. It is very important to choose songs that have the same tempo. Tempo is the speed of song. If you do not use songs with the same tempo your mash-up will sound awkward and will not flow.

To compare tempos of your songs, drag each song into the window. Line them up at the beginning of the timeline. Compare each song by soloing and muting tracks. (There are ways to change the tempo, only do this if you are willing to be frustrated.)

3. Before you begin cutting and pasting  your song clips, create 2 New Tracks by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom left. Choose Real Instrument and click create. Name this track Master Track 1 and Master Track 2. These are the tracks you will drag your audio into and assemble your Mash-Up.

4. Good Mash-Ups feature the best parts of songs. The best part of a song is usually the chorus or a catchy instrumental riff. These are the song sections you want to include in your Mash-Up.

To provide the best working environment for creating your project, set-up the following features:

Turn on Cycle Region (Transport Bar) to repeat sections of your song and use as a ruler to cut and resize your audio loops.
Turn on Track Editor (Scissors) to view your cuts.
Click on the tiny ruler in both Track Window and Track Editor Window and set to 1/64.
Click on the playhead lock so that the screen stays centered while you edit.

Solo the first song so that it plays on it’s own. (Click on the headphone icon). Play the first song and locate the best part of that song.

Use the Cycle Region button to loop the section of song you would like to use in your Mash-Up. Resize the edges to get the perfect loop.

Cut at the beginning and end of each cycle region to create your loop. Drag your pieces into the Master Tracks.

Continue cutting and pasting until your composition is between :30-1:00 long.

***Helpful resource: How to EXTRACT AUDIO TRACKS from Video Files

UNIT 10 Radio Ad Project Planning

Items/Equipment Needed:
Additional Music/sound if desired

Activity Description:
Students will work in small groups (2-3 people) to create a script for and produce an audio production for the promo below...be creative when developing your promo script.


Mighty Wings
"Juicy, bone-in chicken wings in a bold, spicy breading. Available in three, five and 10-piece with your choice of tasty dipping sauces."

• The Mighty Wing needs to provide PR buzz and Conversations that McDonald is the best place to enjoy chicken wings.
• WOM Talkablity: generate buzz for original McWings
• New Product Msg: Build awareness of new product
• Promotion Msg: Promotion info – A 3-piece order is $2.99.

Sales from launch are not as robust as expected

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation
• First, drive attention to Mwings to increase their curiousness about it with some buzz
• Second, take use of the interactive communication to let people "experience" the delicious of Mwings in order to increase people interests in it and the "time limited promotion (benefit)" to try them

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results...for example:
• 522 Radio impressions costing XXXXX
• 180,000 shares of ad paired w/image (Vine/Instagram)
• More than 100,000 free wings samples during promo
• 200% more wings sold
•10% incremental wings sales

Minimum Production Requirements:
At least one live voice, a least 2 different sources of music and/or sound, and at least one segue or crossfade at an appropriate place.

Target is approximately (10-15 seconds) for final production.
Rubric Radio Ad.doc
[Image:Planning R Ad.doc]
Sample Script.jpg
[Image:Rubric Radio Ad.doc]
Planning Ad.doc

Part 1

**Once your radio ad is planned please answer the following questions and submit your answers with your final podcast (use planning R ad.doc when writing your responses).
Assignment Questions:

Identify and explain how the strengths and attributes of radio might influence your consumer to buy your product/promotion?

Which radio campaign structure will deliver your message in the most effective way?

What will the frequency of your campaign be? (See FOC to define/explain)

Which local station would you select?  Why?

How might the brand purchase cycle influence your consumer according to the message you are delivering in this radio spot?

Next, complete the Radio Template planning sheet (the script template and media calendar are both submitted as part of your work due)

Then complete the radio section of the media calendar planner (BE SURE TO DEFINE THE SCHEDULE AND TARGET FOR THE NETWORK, SPOT & STREAMING)

Here's a helpful link containing some cost info for radio ads in Boston

Part 2
'Return On Investment - ROI'
A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of what you have invested in a marketing campaign or to compare the efficiency of different media options. To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment (total amount of increase in sales/site visits/expansion of target consumer/etc...) is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

The return on investment formula:

This means that if you increase your return while keeping your investment the same, then you increase your ROI. This is good. If you decrease your return while keeping your investment the same, then the ROI goes down. That’s bad. A high ROI is better than a low ROI.  Because the ROI formula uses only two inputs – the return and the investment – the ROI formula is an easy way to measure and compare marketing campaigns. A marketing campaign with a high ROI is considered better and more efficient than a marketing campaign with a lower ROI.

(Challenges to Total Market Approach)
1.) Watch the ad

2.) Whole Group

3.) With Partner
Answer the following questions:
     1.) What do you think about the ad overall?
     2.) Why do you think some people are responding in negative ways?
     3.) Do you think Coke anticipated this feedback?  Were they prepared to launch a total market approach (read next)?

4.) Read through the notes
"Type of Advertising" and use product lifecycle curve to answer "check in" questions on notes
Types of Advertising .doc
5.) Read article "Redefining Value"
What do you think "The fact that you have choice is a greater value than just price," means?

6.) Answer the following questions:
        **Can you shift consumers' perception of value?  How would you facilitate the transfer of value from a product that's bargain-priced to one that's convenient, efficacious, or high-quality enough to command a premium price?  How would you do it?


7.) EMAIL all of your answers from part II to advertisingwhs@gmail.com 
Be sure to name all group members in your submission.

     1.) What do you think about the Coke ad overall?
     2.) Why do you think some people are responding in negative ways?
     3.) Do you think Coke anticipated this feedback?  Were they prepared to launch a total market approach (read next)?
     4.) What are the goals of institutional advertising?
     5.) At what stage of the product life cycle are informative ads used?  Why?
     6.) What is reminder advertising?
     7.) What do you think "The fact that you have choice is a greater value than just price," means (Wendy's)?
     8.) Can you shift consumers' perception of value?  How would you facilitate the transfer of value from a product that's bargain-priced to one that's convenient, efficacious, or high-quality enough to command a premium price?  How would you do it?

Hot Topics
My submission...NeverWet paint...an ambient media option?


QUESTION: How can embedded analytics assist you in building your brand extensions?

READ article 2:
1.) Why is the identification of 'brand clans' valuable?
2.) What is the difference between action data, interaction data & social data?  
3.) Define channel, timing, & messaging

What are the characteristics of the best brand identities and how does one define the "best" identities?
Part 1 READ

Part 2  watch:
Other Useful Resources:

Mention the Product
The product should be introduced immediately at the beginning of the radio commercial. Ideally, it should begin with creating or identifying a need.  Now that you have your listening audience's attention, it is time to quickly discuss the benefits that your product has to offer. Focus on the main benefits to consolidate what you have to say.

Offer an Enticement
After you have told your listening audience what your product does, you need to offer the listener an enticement. This can be a special offer that is only available to those hearing your 30-second spot on the radio.

The Call to Action and Reminder
Lastly, you need to close your ad with a quick call to action and a reminder about what your product does. You have closed with a reason for the listeners don't want to miss out on your offer, and you have reminded the listeners what your product does.

The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics


STEP 1 STOP MOTION FILM PLANNING (Use the templates in UNIT 12 Storyboarding for additional assistance)
1.) Watch Tutorial
2.) Work with your groups to conceptualize your story
3.)  Be SURE your purpose aligns with your approach and narrative

1.) Read through notes Steps to Stop Motion Filming
2.) Follow steps in notes

[Image:Steps to Stop Motion filming.doc]

UNIT 12 Storyboarding
The Art of Film & TV Title Design

Developing your Digital Story
Pre-writing: brainstorming, collecting images, researching, outlining, and storyboarding
Drafting: creating a script and developing form
Revising: modifying images and organization
Editing: timing, images, and narration
Publishing: the final product

What is Storyboarding?
Storyboards are visual representations that aid in the the creation process of digital storytelling. Storyboards lay out images in sequential order to create the the flow of the production. They can also include technical aspects and explanations of design. The following flowchart demonstrates how the basic scenes from a digital story might be organized.

Outline and construct the details of your stiop motion film by using a storyboard.
Remember, on a storyboard, you pre-visualize the finished product.  A storyboard is essentially an organizing guide, which indicates each frame of the commercial.   It contains a rough copy of the visual images to be seen, details of the video components, including the camera direction, setting, lighting, special effects, and shot length, as well as, the audio components of script (narrative), music, and sound effects.

Sometimes storyboards are prepared on cards, which can be rearranged to present the best sequence for communicating the intended message. Sequences are combined to form a scene and sequences of scenes create the story.  This can be likened to the steps that a writer uses:  a series of sentences forming a paragraph, and a series of paragraphs forming a story.  Storyboards are used in all forms of media including feature films, television programs, and commercials.

1.) Template

Watch Clip
6 seconds: the future of advertising?

Part 2 Case Example:
Dunkin’ Donuts debuted the first ad on a professional broadcast created with Vine on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. Shown as a billboard ad during Monday Night Countdown, the visual was actually a Vine enacting the upcoming coin toss during Monday Night Football with Dunkin’ Donuts hot and iced coffee, plus a festively striped latte “referee”. The Vine billboard ad was designed to promote a weekly #DunkinReplay Vine that would appear on Dunkin’ Donuts’ social media channels during Monday Night Football. In addition, a team from Dunkin’ Donuts and agency partner Hill Holliday is on standby to re-create a marquee play from the first half of the game on Vine.  Throughout the 16-game season, four unique Vine billboard ads will be shown.

Review Tutorial

Link to convert Youtube videos
[Image:Marketing Objectives.docx]

Making and Launching Viral Videos
One of the best ways to reach a large number of people and get your message across on the Internet today is through video but not just any video...it must be a video that captures and keeps your audience’s attention.

Kevin Allocca (2011), YouTube Trends Manager, explains the three factors that are necessary for an online video to "go viral" (see TEDTalks' TEDYouth event).
*Note: The term "go viral" in this case means that a video receives millions of views seemingly overnight.

Allocca (2011) explains that viral videos must have to have three elements: they must be seen by cultural tastemakers, must naturally develop communities of participation and must contain unexpected content. 

So how do you make your video go viral?
•Keep your video short and to the point.
•Keep it simple and entertaining.
•State the problem in your niche market you are going to help them solve right up front in the beginning of the video.
•Give them useful information so that you move them from a place of no or little knowledge to a place of educated knowledge that puts them ahead in their industry.
•Choose a title with key words – ones that captures your niche market’s attention and offers a solution to their problem.
•Create a coordinated attack with link bait so that you rank on the first page of Google within 24 hours of posting your video.

Creating a Viral Video (Stop Motion)

• Running time: 2 minutes maximum, not including any credits.
• Music: Students may use music, samples, files or other works created by others in the video project for educational use, provided they have given credit to the original author.

Viral videos must not:
• depict dangerous or reckless conduct, including risky or unsafe techniques or activities;
• include trademarks, logos or copyrighted material not owned by student or used without written permission (such as brand names, company names, music, photographs, works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media);
• use individuals’ names, in whole or in part (including the student’s name), without written permission;
• refer to public figures;
• contain profanity, pornographic or sexual content, content promoting illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms, or weapons, hateful content of any kind (including racism, sexism, etc.), content that promotes violence or harm to another living creature, or any other offensive, obscene or inappropriate content; defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about other people or companies, including, but not limited to, Sponsor; promote a political agenda, regardless of the political affiliation; contain materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs, voice or other identifying elements of any person, living or dead, without written permission.

Webby Awards 2013: See The Best of the best this year

Lexus posts ad on Instagram; users flip out

Question: Why do you think Instagram users responded to the ad in this way?  What assumption did Lexus make? Do you think their marketing strategy is working?  Why/Why Not?

Marketing with Viral Video

Review and explore the above links.
In your creative design teams, answer the following questions as they relate to your current project.
Email your work to advertisingwhs@gmail.com when done

Today's Assignment:
1.) Name and define 3 factors why your video will be effective
2.) Identify and define at least 7 reasons why your video might not work well for viral engagement and sharing

ALL 15 sec stop motion5714_80607_2.png promotions and 6 sec "Vines" 5714_80502_0.png5714_80524_1.pngshould be in final edit more and submitted
Upload to each network accordingly...prepare to share you work on Friday, May 9th




15 Brands Rocking Tumblr

The Art of Web Design

Online Ad forms: There are some basic styles of advertising are both the most obvious and the probably the most prevalent:
Pop-up: An advertisement that will load in a separate window from the main document. It is usually colorful and animated. There is some controversy today about this form of advertising, because many feel that most people do not pay attention to them are in the long run annoyed by them. None of the sites studied in this assignment appeared to use Pop-up advertisements on their home pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
2. Banner Advertisements: Small billboard style boxes that are embedded in their parent web page that may or may not be animated. Many feel that Banner ads are superior to Pop-up ads because they are less intrusive and generally more accepted by the Internet audience. Banner ads appeared on all the web pages studied in some form or another.

Effective Internet Advertising usually involves two things:
1.) Some sort of promotion, a sweepstakes or free giveaway.
2.) Animation that draws the eye.

Using Game Theory
Why 5 Big Brand Marketing Campaigns Are Betting Big on Social Gaming

Answer the following questions and email your work to advertisingwhs@gmail.com
What is "social gaming"?
Tell me some estimates about the social gaming population and why this is important information to know?
What are virtual goods?
How is Century 21 leveraging its social game campaign?  Who is their target?  Did they see results?  Were the results measurable?
How is MasterCard leveraging its social game campaign?  Who is their target?  Did they see results?  Were the results measurable?  Do the results transcend profits alone?  If so, how?
What are 3 important issues to think about if developing a social gaming marketing campaign?

Advertising on the Internet is clearly here to stay, however, the standards for this new form of advertising are always emerging. Groups like the [ http://www.iab.net ]Internet Advertising Bureau help to set standards for web ads.

Create a promotional web banner for your last project company using PS or CS
Save the banner as .jpeg files. Use the [ http://www.iab.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/1421/1443/Ad_Unit ]Interactive Advertising Bureau guidelines site as a guide to create the following:
1 Full size horizontal banners ("1 x 5") = 5 pts
1 Half size horizontal banners (1" x 2") = 5 pts
1 Full size vertical banners (5" x 1") = 5 pts
1 Square banners (2" x 2") or (3" x 3") or (4" x 4")  = 5 pts  
1 Half size vertical banners (3 x 1) or (4 x 2) = 5 pts

Tumblr Launches Mobile Ads Today In Big Revenue Push: **Users of iOS and Android Apps Will See Up to 4 Ads Per Day


All memes for this challenge are your own interpretation and should include an image/graphic.  

If you want to win this challenge, start by examining your target market.
Who are they?
What social media platform(s) do they prefer?
How much time do they spend on social media?
What mind set are they in when they are spending time on those social platforms?
Remember, you want to interact using social media with the ultimate goal of generating a positive ROI. This means that, once the content is released, you should focus your efforts on the following: content replication on multiple platforms; quantitative and qualitative metrics (see real-time who is re-tweeting/posting/liking what); improving conversion; and determining your content success on an ROI basis.  

ROI can be calculated for this assignment as Impressions & Engagement

Impressions are the easiest and most straight forward metric. The number of likes on your Facebook page, the number of Twitter followers and the number of LinkedIn connections are all examples of social media impressions (sometimes referred to as Followers or Likers).  These numbers can serve as “brand popularity indicators” however, when it comes to measuring social media marketing ROI, impressions are not very helpful. For instance, many people ‘like’ a Facebook page but never visit it again.  On average in Facebook only about 10-15% of your followers will actually see any single status update.  Raising your Engagement rate will help ensure more people see more updates more often.

Social engagement is a two-way communication that you initiate on social media platforms. For example, when you publish a post and people actively react to it by liking, sharing and/or commenting, it means that they are engaging with your content.  Facebook page analytics as well as several social media management tools (such as HubSpot) offer reasonably accurate measures for engagement. For example, you can instantly know the exact number of retweets your Twitter content received in a certain time span. If the number of retweets or comments is high, then you can safely conclude that the topic you addressed is of value to your social network and make an informed decision to focus on that type of content in future.
While engagement provides important ROI information, it still lacks the 100% reliability factor. For example, your content may be shared by prospects, competition or people who hope you would reciprocate and share their content in return!


MEME Ideas:
Favorite character, Favorite episode, A moment that made you cry, A moment that made you laugh, Favorite villain/bad guy, Favorite female character, Favorite fight scene (TV/Movie), Favorite male character, Most shocking moment, Favorite quote

Also, please be sure to include the week and subject in a caption on your graphic.  

1. meme (noun): an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media).  A "meme" is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. A meme (rhymes with "team") behaves like a flu or a cold virus, traveling from person to person quickly, but transmitting an idea instead of a lifeform.

2. The fundamental unit of information, analogous to the gene in emerging evolutionary theory of culture
- meme pool (n.) : all memes of a culture or individual
- memetic (adj.) : relating to memes
- memetics (n.) : the study of memes

When marketers hear the term "visual content," the first type that comes to mind is usually an infographic. How can you create professional-looking infographics to leverage the power of visual content?

It is easier than you think...

**Businesses that publish infographics grow their traffic an average of 12% more than those that don’t!!!

Create your own infographic illustrating the traffic you were able to generate from your MEME content.  This is due 5/19/14 (if you don't finish in class, this is your homework).

10 free tools for creating infographics

Pitching Your Ideas: How To Be Creative

Watch 3 of the following pitches to venture capitalists and business veterans for a consumer product:
**The winning team had the experts at Indiegogo and Daily Grommet craft and kickoff a crowdfunding campaign, helping get a solid base of customers for their big idea.

Strategic Planning
An advertising plan is an outline.doc
Informative Advertising: develops initial demand for a good, service, organization, person, place, idea or cause.
Persuasive Advertising: attempts to increase demand for an existing good, service, organization, person, place, idea or cause.
Reminder Advertising: strives to reinforce previous promotional activity by keeping the name of a good, service, organization,person, place, idea or cause before the public.

**This will/should be evident in your marketing OBJECTIVE(s)

Part I
Remember, a successful brand message strategy relies on a seamless and tranferrable brand identity.
Review the products listed under the worst brand extensions...do you agree or disagree that there is little equity to be found in these extensions using the associative network theory?

**Brand equity is built when:
    1.) Quality of core brand creates a strong position for brand and low the impact of fit in consumer evaluation.
   2.) Similarity between core brand and extension is the main concern of consumer perception of fit. (The higher the similarity is the higher perception of fit.)
   3.) Consumer’s knowledge and experience affect the evaluation before extension product trail.
   4.) The more innovation of extension product is, the greater positive fit can perceive.


Answer the following question and email your work to advertisingwhs@gmail.com
Q: Why is it important to select the "right" sponsor?


Part II
With your deign team, review and complete the activities presented in the following document.  
[Image:Creative Activities for your design team.doc]
SWOT Contents:                          
Company Overview
Key Facts about company
Business Description of ______
Key Employees of ______
Key Employee Biographies
Major Products and Services of _____
Revenue Analysis of _______
SWOT Analysis of ________
Strengths of ________
Weaknesses of _______
Opportunities for ______
Threats for _______
Top Competitors of ______
Company View
Locations and Subsidiaries of _______


In class notes:

Use this outline to organize your research.  
**It is recommended that you upload this PPT to a shared google presentation and share it with all creative design team members.
[Image:Part 1 Analysis.ppt]
Part 1 Analysis-1.ppt



ROI calculator

[Image:The Communication Plan0.jpg]
The Communication Plan0.jpg
[Image:Multi-channel marketing.png]
Multi-channel marketing.png
[Image:Final Exam Marketing Plan.docx]
Final Exam Marketing Plan.docx

[Image:budget template.xls]
budget template.xls


Work on this exam over the weekend...it's due on Monday.
Advertising Exam May.docx


Check list presentation-1.doc

Before I enter your final grade, please complete and email me your performance review.  This evaluation is due by tomorrow night
[Image:FINAL Project Performance.docx]

FINAL Project Performance.docx

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